About Niamh Puirséil

Dr Niamh Puirseil is a historian and writer. Specialising in modern Irish political, social and educational history, she has written widely on Irish politics, history and the labour movement. She is best-known for The Irish Labour Party 1922-73the standard history of that party. She also co-authored the best-selling Landmark documents in Irish History.

She has just completed a history of the Irish National Teachers Organisation which will be published by Gill Books in late 2017. This study examines the INTO over its 150 years, charting the development of one of the oldest Ireland’s oldest and most influential unions, as well as offering an in-depth look at education and society and the influence of church and state.

She has contributed to titles including Jacobin, The Irish Times, The Sunday Business Post, History Ireland and Village Magazine as well as history and current affairs programmes on television and radio.

A graduate of History and Politics in University College Dublin, she completed her doctoral studies there in 2002. Previously a lecturer in University College Dublin, she was a Research Fellow at the Centre for Contemporary Irish History in Trinity College Dublin. She held a graduate scholarship by University College Dublin on the basis of her final examinations for the BA and was awarded a Government of Ireland doctoral scholarship by the IRCHSS.

As well as many conference and seminar presentations, Niamh has been an invited speaker at the Parnell Summer School, the annual Douglas Hyde Conference, the Tom Johnson Summer School and the Byrne-Perry Summer School as well as at events organised by History Ireland, the Irish Historical Society, the National Library of Ireland Society and many others.

Adept at many things, she sometimes struggles with websites such as this one as well as keeping in the third person, so sorry if some of the links are acting the maggot or the photographs aren’t working.

She lives in Dublin.

Contact: niamh.puirseil at gmail.com

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